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LA Fashion Weekend | Oct. 11, 2023

ACXLifestyle Video Host Kristina Urribarres above.
ACXLifestyle Video Personality Kristina Urribarres christening the LA Fashion Weekend signage.

[Dropbox Photo Gallery at the bottom of the page.]

LA Fashion Weekend (@L.A.Fashionweekend) at The Godfrey Hotel was a huge hit! I think everyone was super-impressed with this production. I saw Talent Agents, and Network Executives in attendance I hadn't talked to in years. I only met Mikey, the Creator of LA Fashion Weekend, a few weeks prior to the event. I setup the Runway Model Casting for this event.

I pre-screened about 100 models for this event at my Photography loft in Hollywood and then brought in a short list of models to The Godfrey Hotel in Hollywood a few weeks prior to the event. I thought there were some really tough choices for casting. Talent in LA never disappoints me. There's so much talent here, it's super competitive even for the most beautiful people... And I come from the New York fashion scene where I worked in Casting for 4 years... My NY experience was far more serious, but in LA, I have more fun.

There were so many cool brands here this night... unfortunately I'm probably going to forget someone and leave someone out. Sorry in advance. [I'm always looking for more brands to work with... I've got some things brewing behind-the-scenes. Hit me up brands and designers!] Please feel free to check out the links below to see who was there.

Also there was a fun musical performance from @anthonycpaul. We got a lot of cool interviews from attendees. I'm looking forward to releasing the video content for you next! You'll get to see the video in its entirety on our Roku and Amazon Fire TV channels! Stay tuned for that info in an upcoming post!

Check out the preview gallery here, but there are over 200 photos in the Dropbox photo gallery, so check there for more photos!

Before I wrap up this post, two more things!

1) October is Blindness Awareness Month... I represent a Blind Filmmaker known as "SuperVision." His feature documentary will be premiering Opening night at a Film Festival this November in Los Angeles! Check out the trailer below. And we are creating a podcast you may view at the link Please consider supporting the movie by attending the premiere.

Festival Details:

• Festival Name: Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival

• 2023 Theme: “Ignite the Change: Embracing Change Agents”

• Opening Night Date: November 3, 2023

• Venue: ArtShare LA

• Festival Dates: November 3-4th, 2023

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Enjoy the Photo Gallery, by clicking this green button below! And follow me on Instagram @ACX.Lifestyle

Also sending a thanks to you Scott!


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