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Leila Ciancaglini Fashion Show | Dec 3, 2023

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I know I'm a little tardy with this blog post! I've been very busy preparing for The Millionaire Model Project taking place: Tuesday Dec 12th, 2023 | 8pm -12 midnight. If you don't know yet: Visit or scan the qr code below and get on the guest list. This event is a party, with contest drawings, and interviews on the red carpet... and another wonderful atmosphere on the rooftop of The Godfrey Hotel Hollywood. Get on the guest list before it's full! And prepare to come out for a night of fun, dance, and networking!!

Folllow the official Instagram of The Millionaire Model Project! - @MillionaireModelProject

I really enjoyed this show... there were more designers in the show than usual. The dog section was a cute touch as well. I couldn't believe how wonderful the weather was in Malibu on a Sunday in December. It was really too perfect.

Here is a preview of the photo gallery below. Skip to the very end to open the whole Dropbox gallery with more than 1000 images.

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