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Leila Ciancaglini | LA Fashion Week

Oct 4th, 2023

Whoooooooooooo!! These shows keep getting better and better!... Everything about them... Leila C. is bringing the heat!! First of all let's give some love to Intercrew LA for being such an amazing venue. I'm also overjoyed to introduce one of the new host of ACXLifestyle Entertainment, Kristina Urribarres, interviewed the owner of Intercrew LA, so stay tuned for that content to drop very soon with the RELAUNCH of ACX TV on Roku and Amazon Fire TV! That's right we'll be broadcasting to your living room TV again! So we'll share how to download the channel in the very near future as we revamp our world take over!!

ACX TV will feature a mix of scripted, and unscripted content specializing in Entertainment Event coverage, and Hollywood Lifestyle programming.

How can you help, or support?? Please consider supporting our Sponsors! When you do business with our sponsors it supports our work. We currently have two Signature Sponsors;

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Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Leila invited some amazing designers to share their latest fashion with us.

Our video coverage is coming soon!!

For now, please browse the sample images below, or scroll to the very bottom and click the button at the end of this post to enjoy ALL the images in the Dropbox gallery. There are over 600 images in the full gallery from this amazing night!


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