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Leila Ciancaglini Thanksgiving Fashion Show

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Before I get into the topic of this post, I want to announce I will be hosting an event Tuesday, Dec.12th, at The Godfrey Hotel Hollywood rooftop (must be on guestlist for free entry). This is the first in a series of ACX Lifestyle Entertainment events in honor of the launch of The Millionaire Model Project. The Millionaire Model Project is all about our search to find at least one lucky female model that my team and I will create into a Millionaire in the modeling industry.

Models wishing to participate in The Millionaire Model Project must register for the guestlist of these events, and come dressed in your Hollywood nightclub best... The sexiest Models at each event will be invited to interview for The Millionaire Model Project. Select models will be chosen at each event to officially be a part of The Millionaire Model Project and receive $1000 for performing a promotional photoshoot! We are going to elevate some Model's career! So Ladies get ready to show us your best! And Gentlemen get on the guestlist too (for free admission), and tell all your favorite beauties about The Millionaire Model Project!

Get on the guestlist now to attend The Millionaire Model Project event in Hollywood, CA . You can subscribe to the newsletter in the footer of this website to stay informed about all ACX Lifestyle activity, including The Millionaire Model Project, or visit the following webpage for more information! [About The Millionaire Model project]


And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Leila Ciancaglini hosted her sexy Thanksgiving Fashion show featuring the Fashion Designs of

Skip to the very end to find the full photo gallery on a Dropbox link with 800 - 900 photos of this event.

See images in the full gallery by clicking the green button below.


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