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Now Casting next project for Feature Film Director Paul Sapiano!

Paul Sapiano a master of Independent Dark Comedy features i.e. Driving While Black (2015), Hollywood Sex Wars (2011), and The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down (2006) is up to his shenanigans again! Paul's unique style of comedy has made him an Award-Winning Filmmaker.

Aaron Cox of is glad to be working with Paul Sapiano on the Casting, Marketing and Distribution of his next project. We are looking for various talent. Contact me at

Now Casting:

1. Lead: Awkward, friendly, under-acheiving Caucasian Male 28-35 years old. Think Jonah Hill, Oren Skoog, Jason Biggs.

2. Lead: Sexy-Attractive "Hot-Girl-type" Female Lead 25-35... Woman with a bit of a dominatrix spirit. All ethnicities welcome.

3. Various other roles, but looking for the leads mainly.

Check out some of Paul's past work below to get a sense of his edgy-style!


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