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Upcoming Luxury Fashion Brands | Interview with the Founder of Black Label 1619 | New Series

Last night at El Septimo of Hollywood - one of Hollywod's finest Cigar Lounges (elseptimohollywood), I had the honor of sitting down with Newton 'Enis H Swader IV, the Founder of one the hottest upcoming luxury fashion brands on the market Black Label 1619. Enis is a Creative to his core, and has always worked in the business of "aesthetics", (as he likes to say) in one form or another. His passion for creativity, and knowledge of the Fashion industry just radiates off of him.

Enis shares a lot of things with me about the importance of the authenticity when it comes to designing your brand, because promoting your Brand is a 24/7 endeavor, and if you aren't living and breathing being your Brand then there's going to be a disconnect. As an Ambassador of your Brand, you violate your own Brand if there's a disconnect between who you are and what you stand for, and what your Brand messaging is. What's the point in that?

Enis talks us through the creation and development of his "Ath-luxury line" Black Label 1619 brand... He shares his promise to his target market. The man is clear... Anything Enis does, he thinks through. He is not playing Checker, he's playing Chess. He is relentless, and his commitment to his work ethic is as high as one could ever be.

It turns out Enis, mentors other Brand designers along their journey into the market, and it makes a lot of sense, because the man is so experienced. I know I will tap him for his industry experience & knowledge. Below is a clip from the Wellness Fashion show where I met Enis. Check this video out below, and I look forward to sharing the full interview on my new series "ACX Goes Behind the Brand". Subscribe to be the first to learn when this episode of my new TV series premieres.


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