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Wellness Fashion Show | Malibu | 9/17/2023

Alright FINALLY!!... I've had a lot of requests for this content! Monday I started to work on this content, but a friend of mine has made a lifestyle out of "borrowing" my card reader instead of just buying their own, so I spent Monday looking for it, before realizing they must still have it. Then after he returned it on Tuesday, I try to use it, and it is dead. Sooooo I ordered a new one Wednesday and I got it from Amazon on Thursday. So I'm sorry for the unusual delay!

Well what can I say... it was another beautiful event. The weather was overcast, which I enjoyed personally and it made the natural light for shooting better. Plus I wasn't sweating nearly as much as the last time... However I can always enjoy a day event in Malibu in pretty much any weather condition.

So the photo gallery for the event is at the bottom of the page... you can skip all the way down if you like... On your way there maybe you'll enjoy some of these photo previews.

Especially of this exotic beauty pictured above and below... I told Shannon, "I didn't know they grow beauties like her in Alabama!" All I know Alabama for is college football... She was absolutely amazing today!

I got to sneak a short exclusive photoshoot of her while we were there, but I was afraid the whole time someone was going to try to steal her from me, once they saw the images I was getting.

Enjoy the gallery below!


Fashion Show Weekend

Looking for Models with great bodies to walk runway Oct 11th.

Females must be 5'8" and above.

Males must be 5'11" and above.

Fashion show is Oct. 11th.

Rate $160

**Submit a few photos, measurements, Instagram, cell phone number and email address to | Aaron Cox - 424.346.0696 cell

Casting Session will happen this Wed Sept, 27th, 2023 in Hollywood. Please submit by 5pm, Tuesday Sept 26th.


Most of you know I have been working in Casting and Talent Management the better part of the last 20 years. I have always had an eye for spotting talent. And I LOVE finding talent BEFORE everybody else cares about them. Check out my roster. I also own a couple Roku & Amazon Fire TV channels and we are currently developing shows and content for the channels. My personal Financial Services company is the Signature Sponsor of my channels. If you want to learn how to save now to retire later, you must call me... it's free consultation. And there is no such thing as being too young to start saving for retirement.

Speaking of my eye for raw talent... Look at these little beauties I found hanging out at the fashion show. Now I need to work with these little niñas! They were so fun and adorable... We briefly spoke about doing another shoot... I am serious...

FEAST YOUR EYES on these cutie beauties below!

Other samples images in the Photo Gallery are below. If you see images you would like me to retouch for you, I can retouch an image for a small fee. I don't get rich off retouching, but I can clean up images for you, because most of them are completely untouched.

Click button to View the Full Photo Gallery! ENJOY!!


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